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PhD-Projects in the Joint Academic Partnership Mobilität und Verkehr

Radio Resource Allocation for Cellular-V2X Communication

The key requirement of sidelink resource allocation is to facilitate uninterrupted exchange of messages between vehicle user equippments (UEs) irrespective of their geographical location (inside or outside the base station coverage region).

In addition to configuring, allocating and scheduling of time-frequency resources we have identified that a vehicle should be able to seamlessly switch between the resource allocation modes based on the availability of network coverage, quality of received signal strength and time taken for synchronization. Moving forward, we intend to develop analytical approaches for mode switching and study the impact under various application scenarios of V2X communication. The correctness of our analytical approaches will be validated through link level simulations of the LTE/5G sidelink protocol stack being developed on the SimuLTE plane of OMNET++ framework. On the experimental side, we are interested in setting up of a hardware-in-loop (HiL) based V2X test bed for Cellular V2X communication.

With the growing number of test cases in a connected vehicle environment, the HiL platform is practical because it can create many test scenarios with respect to continuously changing requirements of the V2X building blocks- RF communications, sensor control, global navigation satellite system (GNSS) simulation etc.

References [1] A. Hegde, A. Festag. Mode Switching Strategies in Cellular-V2X, Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles - 10th IAV 2019.



Supervisor Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Festag

Prof. Dr. Andreas Festag lehrt und forscht auf dem Gebiet der Fahrzeugsicherheit und Car2X-Kommunikation.



  • Kommunikationsnetze und -protokolle
  • Vernetztes und automatisiertes Fahren
  • Verkehrsmanagement

Mehr erfahren Sie auf der Unterseite Prof. Festags auf der Website der TH Ingolstadt.


Anupama Hegde

Anupama Hegde

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

Publikationen und Poster

R.Song, A.Hegde, N.Senel, A.Festag, 06/2022, Edge-Aided Sensor Data Sharing in Vehicular Communication Networks, Finland, DOI:10.1109/VTC2022-Spring54318.2022.9860849

A.Hegde,S.Lobo, A.Festag, 10/2022, Cellular-V2X for Vulnerable Road User Protection in Cooperative ITS, Thessaloniki, IEEE WiMOB 2022

Hegde, A., Andreas Festag, A., 2020, Artery-C :An OMNeT++ Based Discrete Event Simulation Framework for Cellular V2X presented at ACM- MSWiM 2020

Hegde, A., Andreas Festag, A.: Mode Switching Performance in Cellular V2X presented at IEEE VNC 2020

Poster Anupama Hegde


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Judith Demharter

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